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Citrine Stone Bracelet

by Sonder Story
$25.00 SGD

Handmade natural stones, strung on stretch cord.

Length is 7 inches, fits a 6 inch wrist.

The citrine beads are shaped irregularly, around 6-8 mm x 5 mm each.
Comes with a dangling star-shaped flower charm.

Citrine properties:

  • a success stone
  • attracts wealth, prosperity and success
  • signifies success, abundance, personal power
  • bright energy of good fortune and luck, manifesting in unexpected situations
  • brings success and prosperity in all areas, and in many ways
  • a happy stone, bringing happiness to the wearer
  • powerful attractor of helpful friends
  • if you are not so rich, citrine helps you gather wealth, prosperity and success, offers support and heightens wisdom to make the right moves in your career
  • if you are rich, citrine jewellery prevents you from greed and over attachment to material things
  • supports generosity and at the same time helps you to hold on to your wealth
  • draws all the good things in life to you without absorbing any negative energies in the environment
  • clears unwanted energies in the environment
  • does not absorb negative energies from its surroundings
  • eliminates negative energies
  • breaks old patterns and old habits
  • excellent for dream recalls
  • assists you to remain calm in the most challenging of situations
  • helps us find solutions to our own problems
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    SKU: SSBL007

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